Flyswatters at the ready

It took a while, but we finally killed Paragons.  Just want to say great job to everyone, especially those who really stepped up to the plate to make sure we got it done.  Knowing that we have a group of people willing to show up night after night gives me the warm fuzzies inside.  I also want to take a moment to welcome back a much missed member of our guild, Gig, who will be making his return just in time to start Garrosh attempts this weekend.

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So we’re still punching away at Paragons…  The good news is we are getting fairly close.  The bad news is I might have to waste some money on this mousepad!  We are recruiting!  Don’t pay attention to the little module that says what classes we are interested because it’s not accurate.  So if you’re interested just app!  Our guild shout out of the week goes to Chablis for stepping up and helping call out the Paragons fight in Defnotes absence.  It was very appreciated so thanks Chab!

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Thanks Defnotes for the videos.  Looking good as always

In other news – we are getting some good applications, but we are always looking for more.  A Boomkin or a Ret Paladin with a tanking spec are looking like a good fit right now.

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Celebration for siegecrafter


After what seems like an eternity, we finally short circuited the mechanical menace Siegecrafter Blackfuse!  We were so excited, we may have forgot to take a screenshot before the boss disappeared.  So here’s a nice shot of an empty room that we have spent oh so much time in.  We are 12/14 Heroic though, and it was well earned.  Good job everyone!  In other news we are looking for some pals to help us kill Paragons and Garrosh so make sure to get your applications in!

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Sorry new friends!

So our mail service wasn’t working correctly for the last few weeks, and by correctly I mean not at all.  For some reason the mail queue wasn’t actually sending the mail out.  A couple swift kicks to the motherboard though and everything went out.  So, all the mail that wasn’t sent out has been sent to people now which means anyone who tried to register will get their validation mail still.  If you are one of these fun new friends, and you’re even coming back to apply put “Your Mail Server Sucks” as the last line of your application and we’ll give you some consideration brownie points.

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thok it to me baby


Dinosaur down!  Unfortunately this fight wasn’t very challenging once we got the timer order and kiting in check. In other news I think we may actually be somewhat full on recruiting and stable for the first time in like a year?  It can’t last I know, but the raiding team feels pretty good right now.

If you would like to watch our kill here is a youtube copy of one of our raiders twitch streams

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Happy new year


Here are the new guild resolutions

  1. Kill more things
  2. Die less times

That will be all, good day!

Sidenote – I hope everyone is enjoying their two weeks off, but please try to remember that we do raid this coming Sunday (Jan 5th).

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This may or may not be a week late, but it’s here now so enjoy it.  As we’re nearing the end of the tier clearing the bosses is getting significantly more difficult, which is a good thing.  So after a week or two of a progression lull everyone seems back on board and up to speed to kill some shit.  Unfortunately all that momentum is leading right into a 2 week break for the holidays.  That being said, Happy Holidays to all my little Internet Champions out there.



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The Purple Pools are Portant

I was slacking and forgot to get a screenshot so thanks to Defnotes for loaning us a live action shot of our kill!

Memorable moments include:

1)Doing it for Humpty Dumpty

2)A 4 page strat thread where I think we spent as much time taking our frustration out on each other as we did making posts that offered real contribution

3)The MT leaping into the middle of the room during blood rage

4)And of course who will ever forget that soaking the purple pools are apparently important.

Here’s to us pals.  May the Spoils of Pandaria be as excitting as Malorok was.

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General Nancy Eliminated

For our 9 hours a week we’re really cruising at a good pace here.  We have had a problem boss or 3, but we’re still keeping stride none the less.  We rolled in and two shot Nazgrim last night (and that’s coming out of a fairly unproductive first attempt night Wednesday).  So we would like to give a big thanks to Raid Leader Gig for making people get serious.  In other news we did get to then discover that it had been so long that we actually spent up until like the last 3 attempts wiping to shit that was part of normal.  Go us right?  If everyone starts bringing some raid coffee for the end of raid night I think we will be set, wake up out there pals!  All in all good night though and nice job friends.

As always we are recruiting.  We are pretty full, but this gives us a chance to pick out that special snowflake we know you are so apply today!

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