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4/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare & Recruiting

First raiding week down in over a year and we Raid went 4/7 Heroic after a not cheap jerseys from China so great first night. We Release really should have been 5/7, but those are the breaks. Ideally, we’ll have a full clear down next week cheap mlb jerseys and we’ll get cheap nba jerseys started on Mythic soon after. I totally forgot we had a news page this expansion, so I didn’t take any screenshots. sobre I’m terrible.

As far as recruiting goes, we’re currently open to any dps that can come Nerds in and be competitive. If you’re a player that at least has the capability to Kosmas do another spec cheap jerseys in Mythic + or ?????? something, that is an added bonus as well. We’ll take a look on at anyone, but our “desired” class/specs are listed below.

– Unholy Deathknight (Blood Offspec)
– Ret Paladin (Prot Offspec)
– Feral Druid (Guardian Offspec)
– Boomkin cheap mlb jerseys (Resto Offspec)

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