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Recruiting Ranged DPS for ToS

We’re looking for some ranged DPS for Tomb of Sargeras. We’d be open to anything other than hunters (we have four) and we would run around naked for a Boomkin and maybe with our bottoms on for an Elemental Shaman. But, we’re open to anything, if interested feel free to …

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3/10 Mythic NH – Recruiting DPS

Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly down on 2/26 and Mythic Trilliax down on 3/8, we’re recruiting dps (open to any class, but would love you a long time if you were ranged and were possibly a mage or a warlock). If interested, feel free to contact Gig#1661 with any questions or apply …

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4/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare & Recruiting

First raiding week down in over a year and we Raid went 4/7 Heroic after a not cheap jerseys from China so great first night. We Release really should have been 5/7, but those are the breaks. Ideally, we’ll have a full clear down next week cheap mlb jerseys and …

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Recruiting Nerds for Legion

We are currently recruiting people interested in Mythic raiding when the Legion expansion releases on August 30th. We currently cheap jerseys do Team not raid Mythic Hellfire wholesale nba jerseys Citadel as we took a break from WoW awhile ago, so we are looking for people interested in raiding after …

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Legion Pre-Patch on 7/19

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Assembling Raid Team for Legion

We wholesale jerseys China are cheap nba jerseys going cheap jerseys to Hello be Legion raiding One in Ozil Legion yet again, so if you’re an ex-raider of ours and still happen to check the forums, we currently have a signup thread for people that are interested over on our …

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