i think we even enjoyed doing it


Congratulations pals enjoy your Sunday off you’ve all earned it… Congratulations to Namarus.  I am officially promoting you to Co Pep Master after your fun words of fragdom which everyone will be able to hear in our soon to come video.  In other guild news we have really hit our hard limit on healers and melee DPS at the minute.  We always welcome applicants, but just be aware that we are really only in need of ranged DPS classes.


Link to original image (Much Larger) http://i7.minus.com/ibidPUoLJbpwD2.jpg

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4 Responses to “i think we even enjoyed doing it”
  1. Peanut says:

    Yay you got a good one of me!

  2. Gooch says:


  3. Lungs says:

    Thanks for letting us use your ftp sir

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